COVID-19 AIM Life Reinvented

Dear AIM FAMily,

We are truly grateful for each & every one of you. Your support & trust in us during this uncertain time is a blessing & means more than you could ever imagine.  We could not be more honored to have such extraordinary people in our family of dance.  

We have been working nonstop to get a new AIM PLAN in motion beginning Monday, March 23.  We have had staff meetings by way of Zoom, and several AIM teachers & assistants have been busy making class videos. We are gaining TONS of knowledge, a magnitude of strength, and a whole lot of AIM bonds in the process!  Having the AIM staff & community come together in such a way during this time of sudden change has left us at a loss for words. 

Online Classes

Class Video Links

We will be sending you links to a lot of video classes via email.  These classes will be available for all of our dance students to view.  The videos will be labeled for the levels they are geared to instruct, but it is completely fine for any age to watch any video. The students will only gain more knowledge & more training from the massive array of instruction they will be able to attain.  This is a time to have them try new styles & take classes that they would not normally be able to take.  This is such a great learning tool & we are grateful to have a staff that has spent so many hours to make this happen.  We would LOVE to have videos of the dancers watching the classes & dancing along!  

Please share with us & make our days happier & hearts fuller!  You can send them to or  

Online Live Classes

Below is a list of the live on-line classes that will happen through Zoom.  We have a few of the regular classes that will be taking place on Zoom, along with several guest master classes from AIM Alumni.  Again, we are truly at a loss for words when it comes to the AIM love & support from these AIM Alumni.  Several of them have come together to teach master classes this coming week for our AIM students.  We are beyond thankful to these alumni for giving their talents & their time for the students who are dancing in their footprints. The pathway each of these alumni have paved is a road leading to legacies that fill this world with so much greatness.  We encourage all of our AIM family of dancers to participate in these classes.  It will be good for their souls, good for their bodies, and especially good for 

their tender spirits at this time of unknowns.  

Our goal is to give you as much as we possibly can plus more during this time and always.  The happiness of your children is our #1 priority.  We AIM to give them the most AIMazing experience possible during their time at AIM.  Our greatest concern right now is that they have dance in their lives daily, have connection to their AIM FAMily, and are keeping their minds & bodies nourished with movement, inspiration, and consistency.  Their young years are fleeting and we hope that we can give each & every one of them a home away from home & a lot of laughter, love, confidence, self-discipline, pride, and happiness by way of this special dance family.  We are confident that this new, temporary way of instruction & connection will be AIMazing & will make us all even greater humans when it’s all behind us.